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Sterling Silver Hamsa with Radial All Over Pattern

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Sterling Silver Hamsa with Radial All Over Pattern

This beautiful Hamsa is made from sterling silver with a central radial pattern. Available in 35mm & 45mm sizes.

The Hamsa symbolizes the Hand of G-d. In Hebrew, the number five is "hamesh" and the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is "Hey", one of G-d "holy names". Hamesa is representative of the five books of the Torah. In Judaism, it is also interpreted to be the Hand of Miriam, and symbolic of the owner five senses in an effort to praise G-D.

The Hamsa Prayer:
Let no sadness come to this heart,
Let no trouble come to these arms,
Let no conflict come to these eyes,
Let my soul be filled with the blessing
of joy and peace.

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